The Advantage of Memory Care Facility

02 Nov

Let's look at the benefits that a memory care facility do offer to its senior patients. It is known that there are no two types of Alzheimer disease or dementia. The uniqueness of the disease can be diagnosed through disease progression, the challenges in behavior and the sort of symptoms exhibited. All these challenges though are mainly to be found on persons suffering from memory loss. Therefore when the memory care staff do perform their duties, they approach the patient with caution given the complexity of the disease. Which has to be on a personalized care for each of the patients.

We need first to understand the meaning of memory care. It is a condition in which an individual will have lapses in coordinating using one's memory. It is important to plan for this condition which apparently is a way of life and all persons will one day reach the stage. The seniors who get personal care and support, in these facilities do get meals, support, bathing, dressing, and medical management. It doesn't come cheap and becomes even more expensive if one has Alzheimer or other forms of dementia. They need 24-hour supervision for such patients. Check out here for more info.

Unfortunately not all mental care facilities do offer personalized services to its patient. In order to cut on costs, such facilities have programs that come with a single outfit for all its patient. But incidentally, dementia cannot be treated on a one-size fit treatment. Memory care needs special attention given to each individual as each patient has a different story to tell.

The staff in the best memory care facilities do approach their patients through focusing on the strengths and abilities. Each patient does have varying strengths abilities that are unique. For instance, if a patient has the strength to safely take their own bath, then it is taken to be a strength. The patient then will not be undignified through being forced to take a bath under the supervision of the caregiver. The dignity of the patient is reassured. This is part of the cognitive ability that the staff recognizes with the patient. Discover more here.

And because most patients do go to such facilities when their dementia is at the last stage, they mostly can't articulate what their preferences are or needs. That is why a good mental care facility will allow the patient to be checked in accompanied by the immediate family. The management then will be able to get the right information from the family and know the kind of personalized care they need to offer. A good facility will have in its program room for the family members to participate in the daily life of those patients booked in their facility. 

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